What Do You Want Now?

August 17th, 2011

That’s a great question; “what do you want now?”

Good questions are important. They are one way of learning. But we don’t always ask the right questions. And sometimes, we have the right questions but ask the wrong people that don’t have the right answers. Maybe you need to STOP and check in with yourself instead of everyone elses’ agendas, reality shows,facebook, texts and twitter. Take some time-out; give your mind a rest. Find a place within to pause and count your blessings.

Life is constantly pushing us to grow. Some people like to impose their wills onto others. It makes them feel big and powerful to exercise their personal power over others. Some people want more things, others want more friends which is a term loosely thrown around today while other people are after the almighty dollar, some want more power and prestige so they can use their power to puff up their personal greatness.

Well my friend, whoever you are and wherever you are physicaly, financially and emotionally remember to be here now and to observe yourself and others in love since this is a very precious commodity and something that we all need more of daily.

Life can change on a dime. May you have a fruitful life and may you fulfill your purpose this is my prayer for you and my prayer for me. God bless you. I wish you well.

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