Megs’ Mantra To Lose Weight Now!

September 20th, 2011

I want to lose weight but I don’t want to go on a diet. I want to keep doing what I am doing like eating after 8 p.m. and being inconsistent with exercise and expect to lose pounds and inches. Who doesn’t you say? “Join the club”

I mean come on now; there are so many schools of thought out here today to lose weight for example: no carbs, low carbs, just meat , no meat, all vegan (which means no dairy products) and expect different results.

Now, let me give you some advice which I am listening to also: start wherever you are & move forward from there. Don’t compare yourself to others because only you know where you’ve been. And as far as exercise goes; try and find an activity that you like whether it be: walking, jogging, biking, isometrics, dancing, swimming or weight lifting.

But again start out at a slower pace and begin to increase activity gradually. Try and create a routine. And if you fall off the wagon, which we all do on occasion get back on that horse and ride. Don’t look back and no matter what: “do not beat yourself up cuz that may drive you to the chips and dip.” Instead, put one foot in front of the other and follow that foot forward. Get off the couch and here is your new mantra for losing weight: “move that body, move that body, move that body” instead of “move that bus, move that bus, move that bus” :)
Have a nice day no matter what! You are beautiful just the way you are. And remember the old adage: “if you have your health you have it all” So take your health to the next level and move that body even if it begins with your brain. “What the mind can conceive it can achieve.” -Norman Vincent Peal

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