Bankin On God

October 10th, 2011

Partial Reprint from: Our Daily Bread

Tennis star Boris Becker was at the very top of the tennis world—yet he was on the brink of suicide. He said, “I had won Wimbledon twice before, once as the youngest player. I was rich. I had all the material possessions I needed. . . . It’s the old song of movie stars and pop stars who commit suicide. They have everything, and yet they are so unhappy. I had no inner peace. I was a puppet on a string.”
Becker is not the only one to feel that sense of emptiness. The echoes of a hollow life pervade our culture. One doesn’t have to read many contemporary biographies to find the same frustration and disappointment. Jack Higgens, author of such successful novels as The Eagle Has Landed, was asked what he would like to have known as a boy. His answer: “That when you get to the top, there’s nothing there.”
What’s missing? When a person has so much and is still bitterly dissatisfied—even suicidal—what’s not there? A relationship with God.
The Creator made us with a need for meaning and purpose and hope that only He can satisfy. He meets this need when we enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Trusting Jesus as Savior is the only way for anyone, successful or not, to find what’s missing.

The first line of proof of the absolute Deity of The Lord Jesus is that many names and titles clearly implying Deity are used of Jesus Christ in the Bible, some of them over and over again, the total number of passages reaching far into the hundreds. Of course, I can only give you a few illustrations at this time. Turn with me first of all to Revelation 1:17, “And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last.” The text shows clearly that our Lord Jesus was the speaker, and here our Lord Jesus distinctly calls Himself “The First and the Last.”

In a world of uncertainty, our trust is in a faithful God who will always keep His promises. If you would like to get to know Him all you have to do is invite Him into your heart. Christ leaves the choice up to each individual. He won’t force His way into your life but will answer your call if you need Him. I’m grateful that God gives us choices and free will. God is Loving, kind and gentle.

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