Pay Attention :: Life Is A Series Of Valuable Lessons

November 29th, 2011

I don’t know about you but for some of us it can take a lifetime to wake up. (wink wink) I mean life is constantly giving us lessons —-through —–people… places… and… things.

We are continually,constantly giving and receiving feedback in so many many ways in life regardless if we are conscious of it or not.

We don’t always have to use words either; a smile, a hug or just a compassionate look expresses the universal language of love. Now, today living in the information age it can be tough to slow down long enough to process it all. But it is so necessary to stop and pause.

Money is another vehicle that can do tremendous good in the right hands and total devestation in the wrong hands of an immature or ego based individual. We say we want prosperity yet fail to see the many blessings that we have right here, right now. Life has shown me over and over that we are blessed to be a blessing. There is so much more to life than “looks, power and position” And think about it? Did you ever have the money and it didn’t do it for you because you didn’t have the freedom to go with the money? Could it be you still felt unhappy because you really wanted something else like your personal freedom? Did you ever hear the saying “to thine own self be true” It can be tough to do when you have hungry faces to feed and you’re under the authority of someone else that promotes ideas that are completely out of line with your values & belief system? What ever happened to freedom of speech? Not now unless you want to see the door. But now most people don’t think that hard. Who has the time these days? So much to do, be and all of those text messages to read, write and send out.

Society and this world has set us up to be dependant. Dependant on depending. We are dependant on other peoples agendas, approval, institutions & various codes of behavior (if we want to keep our social standing) similar to Pavlovs’ dogs in order to achieve our basic needs. Remember that old saying: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who think they are free”
or for some people it is more like a personal affliction of greed that refuses to let go of its’ subject and keeping these individuals on a treadmill. Many of these kinds of attitudes can snowball in a lifetime of creating repeat patterns with a struggling state of mind and suffering. Many people are either trying to sell us what they want us to believe or their way of thinking in order to convince themselves of their correctness. Most all of us have some personal agendas to fulfill. Some people set out to convince others that they are “experts” when in reality we all just have been blessed with different gifts that we were given to share with one another. Life is calling us to grow. If your subconscious is divided then how can you ever attain happiness? We all need to make peace with our minds from time to time and allow our concious and subconscious to become unified so that you will not say you want one thing and yet acting entirely different than what you think you want. Watch who you allow to speak into your life and the thoughts that you entertain because you don’t have to look outside of yourself to find it. Your mind has plenty of personal power built right into it starting wherever you are at currently. And many times we have seasons in life so we need to get a review or repeat lessons until we get the lesson. Learn how to use it. Be gentle with yourself when you see yourself off track. Try to forgive yourself and others as quickly as possible. But don’t allow yourself to become a doormat either. Raise your thinking and your life will change. It’s a universal law. Enjoy your life. To thine own self be true. Peace. Love. Shalom.

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