“How To Reduce Stress”

January 24th, 2012

We are so bombarded with information sometimes it is difficult to consciously sort it out. We all know that our programming is operating at a subconscious level and is continually running our lives whether we acknowledge it or not.

Once we can raise our awareness and begin to re-write the conscious input; putting in the new data —wonderful things can begin to happen rather than living in disharmony with our desires and outcomes in conflict. In order to live optimally in community we must start with our internal selves first. We were meant to thrive and grow together in balance with one another. Our brains are meant to support life and one another rather than hurt one another; life would be a lot better if we could all get along and respect each others’ differences wouldn’t it?

We are energy in motion. We need to use our energy for the good and recognize that we are on a energy budget which is evident when we get stressed out and it is undeniable when we witness the deadline called death. The body is a snapshot of what is going on in a persons’ life. Lets be sure to treat our bodies: mentally, physically and emotionally in a loving and dignified manner knowing that we all have different capacities and we all have different desires that may not look like your internal image of what it “should” look like.

We all need to respect the different seasons in life allowing ourselves and one another to be the individuals that we were created to be. To thine own self be true is not just a cute saying; it is a good way to live. When you get out of tune; take time to get back on your own track. Becoming conscious is to learn to rise above the noise of your own background and other peoples’ agendas then you might just find your way to your own bliss. It isn’t a mystical thing it is more of an internal journey. When you choose to change your position then everything around you will change too.


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