February 17th, 2012

” No Aqua for me”

February 17th, 2012 .
Here is an interesting experience, from which all travelers might benefit and even have a good laugh. I recall this one trip when I had travelled alone and I happened to choose Cancun, Mexico for a last minute get-away.=”centabel>
I admit that I didn’t know the language beyond a few key phrases to acknowledge the locals beyond a smile. At times during the week I had felt out of sorts being in a foreign country with no one to talk with so one afternoon I ventured into town.
As I explored the village of locals away from where the tourists’ ventured I decided to go into a small hair salon to have a few highlights put into my hair. It never occured to me that anything could even remotely go wrong. Well, as I was sitting there with all of the bleach on my head and beginning to feel it burning my scalp what had seemed like forever suddenly turned into a moment of sheer 9-1-1 emergency panic. There was no one to call for help.
Everything began to happen all at once; the lady who owned the shop took me over to the bowl to rinse the burning scalp when she began to shout “NO AQUA” while the other patrons and staff members chanted in shifts real loud at the top of their lungs. Well naturally, by this time I went into a full fledged anxiety attack draped with cape and all proceeded out the front door exiting onto the street yelling with the others ” NO AQUA”hoping for someone to come to my aid. No one came for what seemed like eternity. My head was on fire.
It was quite a scene. Everyone was out on the streets yelling“NO AQUA” and my relief finally came when someone nearby had an emergency bucket of “AQUA” to put out the fire on my head. Picture this scene: Here I am running around with that plastic cap and this huge white no-frills plastic apron flying around the shop and quickly into street of locals.
It was hysterical looking back but at the time I didn’t find it too amusing. So if you ever think that you’re having a bad hair day think again and be glad for what you have. I found out that I prefer natural hair than to toasted or fried. Thank you very much. My memory doesn’ t serve me but I ‘m certain that I paid for the service and I must say in more ways than one since it only took forever to get my hair’s texture back to semi- normal rather than semi -fried. My advice to you traveling into Mexico is not only to not drink the water but bring some extra AQUA if you ever decide to have your hair done. Adios to my friends in Cancun , Mexico…and until we meet again I am staying au natural. God speed everyone.

        Until we meet again.
        Stay well.

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