Empowerment Resurrection Center

February 20th, 2012

Martin Chase, President and CEO

Martin Chase
The Empowerment Resurrection Center was founded by Martin Chase, its President and CEO. Martin was born and raised in Chester, PA and recognized the need for a treatment program for substance abuse in this area. Martin has over ten years experience working with people who are battling addiction and the other life problems it causes. He has been employed by several treatment facilities and agencies in Delaware, where he now resides.
Martin is married with three children and is an active member of his church. Martin also has personal experience with substance abuse. He has been in recovery and has been drug free for 13 years. Martin strongly believes that anyone who is addicted can overcome that addiction if they have the tools to deal with their addiction, a spiritual base, opportunities to contribute to society in a productive way, and a supportive community. Martin had a vision that he could create an outpatient, residential and transitional/recovery housing program to help the residents of Chester who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. The first phase of this vision, outpatient drug and alcohol counseling, has now become a reality.
ERC’s goal is to provide a holistic approach to treatment and to offer services to anyone in need. One of Martin’s favorite statements is “No addict seeking recovery from addiction has to die from active addiction.”

Empowerment Resurrection Center
University Technology Park II
1350 Edgemont Avenue
Suite 2575
Chester, PA, 19013-1610
(610)499-7533 (p)
(610)490-7949 (f)
info@erc-chester.org (email)

If you or someone you know needs help please get in touch via the web at: The Empowerment Ressurection Center  to check out the options available to empower you to press on with your life.

Be encouraged.  You are not alone. 

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