Friends Come & Go

March 13th, 2012

“Friends may come and go,

but enemies accumulate”    

- Thomas Jones

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”  And the same goes with friendships.  To me, friendship is a sacred place and a privelege when two people meet and choose to share with one another and travel together for life or for awhile or maybe for as long as one or both choose to move on, let go or abandon ship.    You can’t go to a banquet and have everything at the table in one sitting or you won’t be able to digest it very well.  Same thing with relationships.  My best recommendation is to check in with yourself daily to see how you’re doing.


So the question of the day to you is:  

How are you doing?  

“How are you really doing? “

Really doing.  

And what are you doing?



Part of Speech: noun
Definition: right, due
Synonyms: advantageallowance, appanage,appurtenance, authority, authorization,benefit, birthright, boonchancecharter,claimconcession, entitlement, event,exemptionfavor, franchise, freedomgrant,immunity, libertylicenseopportunity,perquisite, prerogativerightsanction
Notes: privilege  is a right that may be extendedto a group or a number of people; a prerogative  is a right that, customarily, is vested in a single person


And why are you doing it?



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