Where Are Your Thoughts Today?

June 8th, 2013


How are you doing today my friend? Are you doing o.k? Are you aware of being inside your own body, mind and spirit? Or are you allowing yourself to be pushed, pulled and prodded by the words, thoughts and actions of others (past, present and/or future?) The first step to any change is to become aware of where you are currently. Where are you right now?  Becoming honest with ourselves is a first step to awareness and change.


Are you allowing yourself to be fully present in your own body? Or are you living in the past? Are you living out  the false beliefs, accusations and outdated limitations placed by ourselves or someone else?

Are you present within your own body at this very moment? Become aware of your breath even now as you read this. But, don’t judge it.  This is one of the keys to change.  What are you feasting on today? Positive or negative word, thoughts and memories?  Don’t allow other people’s limited perceptions to color your entire life and stifle your personal happiness.  We all have things we need to release from our pasts.  Most times, we need to  forgive ourselves before we can forgive others.

SunRiseEagleHow is the level of your vibration? What is vibration? Vibration is a powerful thing. The more we get in tune and stay in tune with our own personal rhythm the more present we can become and more in tune with the purpose of our lives. Get out in nature daily.  Feel the sun on your body.  It feels warm and nurturing.  Become aware of the air you are breathing.

We need to feed ourselves first so we will have something left over to share with others.

“Knowledge is flour, but wisdom is bread.”


DOLPHINS in FLIGHTIt is vital for life.  Get out to the ocean and emerge your entire body with complete abandon.  If you can’t go there right now in the physical  then you can travel in your mind.  Take the time to slow down.  If you can’t go to the ocean then see it in your mind’s eye.  Feel that ocean breeze.  :)  I like it.

Maybe you can take a hike with the sole intention to look for a chipmunk in the woods? Now there is a worthy venture.


The Ogalala Sioux Indians have a saying that goes like this: “look & see the good”  Stop judging what is.  It is what it is.     To let go of judgement is a good exercise to practice.   Put your feet in the river of life.  Jump in.  Life is waiting to be lived.   Take time to become present today.    It is a very valuable thing to do for yourself.  I would venture to say that it is more precious than silver and gold.

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