American Public Schools :: Islam Being Pushed on America

November 2nd, 2013

We interrupt this regular programming to educate you on what is happening in the general public schools in America. Islamic indoctrination being promoted in the public schools today!!! Are you aware of this and why should we care? First as Christians it can help us as witnesses for Christ. Another reason is because the youth is our future here in America and in the world. And also as taxpayers it is imperative to know where your tax monies are going and to become aware of what you are supporting whether you like it or not. Freedom isn’t Free. You are right when you say that because as you read this our rights are being eroded undermined, altered, camouflaged, misrepresented, stolen and being re-purposed for a not so holy war on the young minds in America. If you don’t do something who will? If not now, then when? To start please listen to what Brigitte Gabriel has to say & she is an ex-muslim

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