The Ice Cream Story

December 11th, 2013

Years ago, when ice cream was a bit cheaper than now, a 10-year-old boy

approached the counter of a soda shop and asked the waitress, 

“What does an ice cream sundae cost?”

“Fifty cents,” she answered.

The boy reached deep into his pockets and pulled out an assortment of change, counting it carefully as the waitress grew impatient. In her                                mind, she had “Bigger” customers to wait on.

“Well, how much would just plain ice cream be?” the boy asked.

With noticeable irritation, the waitress answered, “Thirty-five cents.”

Again the boy slowly counted his money. 

“Then may I have some plain ice cream in a dish, please?” He gave the waitress the correct amount and she brought him the ice cream.

Later, the waitress returned to clear the boy’s dish and when she picked it up, she felt a lump in her throat. There on the counter the boy had left two nickels and five pennies. She realized that he had had enough money for the sundae, but sacrificed it so that he could leave her a tip   (adapted from A Lifetime of Success [Revell], by Pat Williams).

That story shows that we often treat people wrongly because we judged them wrongly. We need to treat all people with respect and kindness, because we don’t know all the facts. Especially, we don’t know what’s in their hearts.  We may not know all the facts and the burdens that they bear.  If we did know  we would  probably have more compassion & understanding.

So remember, life goes along a lot smoother when we learn to accept others and not judge them.   We shouldn’t judge or treat people with contempt but all too often we do; that is unless they are narcissistic psychopaths and then you better run like they say: “exit :: stage right”  In that case, don’t look back; move on and you will save yourself a whole lot of heartache.

We can all  make this world a brighter place, increase our personal happiness and enjoy the journey once we learn to  extend a gracious and tolerant point of view with those who appear different from  us; did it ever occur to you that “1/8 of an inch beneath the skin we are all the same?”

We are not to judge or treat others with contempt.  It doesn’t mean becoming a doormat or the sacrificial lamb either.  Find the balance and aim to walk that line.      

We have to remember that maybe we probably don’t know the whole story after all.  So maybe “just for today” we can just go about our daily duties  with the intention to bless the people that cross our path with some love and kindness and if it within your power to help them; then do that.

I like what Henry James said 

 “3 things in human life are important.  
The first is to be kind.  
The second is to be kind.
  And the third is to be kind.” 

And anther saying is:

“How  do you get to Carnegie Hall? ” 

 “Practice. Practice. Practice.” 

 Keep practicing kindness & Have a good day !

God Bless you. 

-Meg O’ Hanlon


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