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Local Teacher Does Good

Teachers work to build playground at Walnut Street ……/doc534eafea4de0f632271025.txt‎ Apr 16, 2014 – DARBY – Shelly Tucker and Patricia Vadden, teachers at Walnut Street … The playground will be called the Mr. Rick Kearney Playground. Darby school hopes to build playground to honor teacher ……‎ 5 days ago – Darby school hopes to build playground to honor teacher … Everybody wanted a hug when Rick “Pop Pop” Kearney returned to Walnut Street … […]

Short History of Ireland

    A Short History of Ireland by Micky Kellie 1 year ago 88,833 views A concise Irish History Documentary which I hope will be somewhat helpful to Irish History students at all levels.  58:45 BBC’s: The Story of Ireland 1of5 Age of Invasions by RebelWithoutaCause 2 years ago 286,770 views Documentary about Ireland, published by “BBC”  45:55 Irish History Cromwell,God’s Executioner […]

I Would Love To Teach, But

‘I would love to teach but…’ Reprint BY:  VALERIE STRAUSS December 31, 2013 at 9:45 am More  (Astrid Riecken / The Washington Post) (Clarification: An earlier version of this post noted that the teacher who wrote the e-mail I published used “a sample” from Kris Nielson but it did not give further explanation. This version […]

God Bless The U.S.A.

World March Against Monsanto

‘March Against Monsanto’ LIVE UPDATES Published time: October 12, 2013 09:08 Edited time: October 13, 2013 06:14 Get short URL  :: Source: Activists carry signs during a protest against chemical giant Monsanto in Durban on October 12, 2013. (AFP Photo / Rajesh Jantilal) Share on tumblr Tags Africa, Anissa Naouai, Asia, Australia,Europe, Food, Health, Protest, USA The second planned march against […]

2013 Top Lawyers

Top Lawyers 2013: Business Law The best attorneys on the Main Line in the field of business law. BY SHANNON HALLAMYER PUBLISHED JULY 18, 2013 AT 09:21 AM Business Law’s Top Three Leo M. Gibbons  MacElree Harvey, 17 W. Miner St., West Chester (610) 436-0100, Robert E. O’Connor Law Offices of Robert E. O’Connor, PC, 341 W. […]

The New World Order

Energy Matters

White House Kill List?

   check the date :: 2012  :: Obama re-run Obama: Hit man in chief? White House defends ‘kill list’ The White House responded Tuesday to criticism of the Obama administration’s use of drone attacks and a so-called “kill list,” saying President Obama will do what is necessary to protect Americans from harm. “President Obama made […]

Is Obama Sending Planes To Muslim Brotherhood?

Remember that distant time so long ago when Obama promised that he would end our old backward policy of supporting tyrants in order to win over the Arab Street. And here we are, four years later, and Obama is supporting a tyrant in Cairo, a problem that has even broken into the normally supportive pages of […]