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Chester Children’s Chorus Celebrates 20 Yrs.

Ms. B: The Good News: The Chester Children’s Chorus to celebrate 20 Years Anniversary in a… MSBEECUSD.BLOGSPOT.COM|BY MS. B Chester Children’s Chorus  Swarthmore College The Chester Children’s Chorus offers talented children ages 8 to 18 from Chester , Pa., the opportunity to achieve musical excellence, expand their intellectual … 20th Anniversary Benefit Gala :: Chester Children’s Chorus … ‎ 20th Anniversary […]

God Bless The U.S.A.

The New World Order

New World Order

Rare Clip Of Obama In India

Obama on Israel

God Save America!

  As we approach the anniversary date of September 11 when America was attacked  on American soil (regardless of your personal beliefs whether America was attacked from within or terrorists ; one thing we can all agree on is that we witnessed  “the perpetration of  undeniably evil”  let us go beyond our individual differences and join […]

Eaters Beware :: Walmart Takes Over Food System

Follow Free Philly Info on Twitter. BY STACY MITCHELL 30 DEC 2011 1:55 PM Yes, it’s cheap, but … Aubretia Edick has worked at a Walmart store in upstate New York for 11 years, but she won’t buy fresh food there. Bagged salads, she claims, are often past their sell-by dates and, in the summer, fruit is […]

Peace Wall ::: The Mural Arts Project

After racial violence in the Gray’s Ferry neighborhood made national headlines, Jane Golden and community organizers went door-to-door pitching the idea of a mural. Cynics sneered, but other residents chose this design, then lined up to have their hands photographed.  The diverse, yet converging hands symbolize the community’s commitment to ending racial division. A photograph was taken […]