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Surgical Questions

by James Marcum

Case Studies of Exellence

by Daryl Cheng

Spring Allergies

by James Marcum

Autism & Music

by James Marcum

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4 stars
The Fattening of America by Kenneth Cox
It is no double that the obesity rate in any developed countries is on the rise. And worse, so it the rate of diseases that comes with it. Let’s learn a simple health remedy from the Bible that wil… (more)

4 stars
The True Cause of Diseases by Barbara O’Neill
Louis Pasteur said germs cause disease. Most of us believe it, and almost the whole pharmacological industry is build on this theory, but are we getting better? In fact, statistically we are gettin… (more)

3 stars
The Forgotten Secret – The Answers to Stress by Geoff Youlden
You don’t have to look far to see the stress and disparity around us. 50% of marriages fail and the number of abuse and violence related crimes is ever increasing. Obviously, this is not what God i… (more)

5 stars
Cosmic Conflict – The Origin of Evil by Doug Batchelor
Do you want to understand where evil came from and why God let it happen? Cosmic Conflic clearly explains how evil invaded a world made by a loving God, who wanted nothing more than peace and happi… (more)

4 stars
The Liver by Barbara O’Neill
Did you know that cancer cannot hold into your body when your liver is working well? Let’s find out how to look after your liver – the only organ in your body that has the capability to regro… (more)

4 stars
Importance of Water & Salt by Barbara O’Neill
Water & salt are essential elements for our body. 75% of our body are water and salt (sodium) is the main transport system to get the water and nutrition to our cells. Let’s find out how much w… (more)

4 stars
Poultices & Their Applications by Barbara O’Neill
Did you know an onion can help relieve a swollen bruise and charcoal can help to draw venom from a bite out of your body? Learn the simple but effective remedies of poultices made from such househo… (more)

5 stars
Amazing Discoveries in Lost Cities of the Dead by Mark Finley
Is the Bible outdated? Listen to Mark explain how recent scientific discoveries prove that the Bible is a historically accurate book. It is not the Bible that plays catch-up with the scientific wor… (more)

4 stars
The Frontal Lobe by Barbara O’Neill
Our brain is the HQ of our body, and when it does not function properly, nothing does. Although the human body will deteriorate, the brain never needs to deteriorate. Whatever we do to our body, it… (more)

4 stars
How to Live Longer & Avoid Premature Diseases by Geoff Youlden
Very often we don’t consider our health until we lose it! Our health is one of the most precious gifts we have. Recent research has concluded that 9 out of 10 people die prematurely. … (more)

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