Union Leader Calls Disable Veterans Worthless Burdens

Screenshot of union leader to disabled vet: You’re all worthless burdens, deserved to lose limbs, die

December 29, 2013 by  5 Comments

Debate over the decrease in veterans’ benefits included in the Murray/Ryan budget deal recently passed by Congress has been heated, but not vicious — until now.

Air Force Sr. Airman Brian Kolfage Jr., a triple amputee and Iraq war veteran, said he received a vile message on his Facebook page from union executive Janet Vrotsos, according to the conservative news site, Pat Dollard. Here’s a screenshot of the message:


The entry reads:

You disabled veterans are worthless and all should have died, shame on you for fighting in a republican war, you deserved to lose all you limbs and I hope all veterans lose their benefits. I hope you die a miserable death you worthless fake hero. You and your family will be a burden on tax payers for your entire life. (sic)

The Dollard article reported that Vrotsos is a director of Local 2222 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and is, or at least was, an administrator of an anti-Republican Facebook page, Republican Family Values.

Jeff Rainforth, a Dollard correspondent, tweeted Kolfage to confirm the comment had originated from Vrotsos. Here’s the exchange:

Kolfage sent Rainforth a second tweet, attaching another Facebook entry made about him, this time on the Republican Family Values page while Vrotsos was an administrator of that account. It featured an image of the airman and his then-four-month-old son.

The Republican Family Values Facebook page reportedly has a history of disparaging not merely Republicans but also members of the military.

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