2014 Biodynamic Conference

Get out of the conference center
and onto 3 local farms
Explore animal health, biodynamic preparations, CSA farming, and more

with Laura Riccardi Lyvers and Janey Newton
Find out about the grazing practices and biodynamic applications on this 1,300-acre farm, or learn about their experiences connecting the farm to the local food system.

with Jeff Poppen, “The Barefoot Farmer”

Explore one of the oldest and largest farms working with organic and biodynamic practices in Tennessee, benefit from the Barefoot Farmer’s decades of experience, and enjoy a farm dinner and patio concert.

with Philip Lyvers
Discover how a long-time, large-scale conventional farmer integrates biodynamic and conventional practices and discuss the questions of scale, profitability, and health that this combination raises.

with Patricia Frazier and Lloyd Nelson   
Learn about the biodynamic spray preparations and get your hands dirty making, stirring, and applying preparations at Foxhollow Farm.

10% Early Bird Discount before Sept. 15

info@biodynamics.com    (262) 649-9212   www.biodynamics.com

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