D.I.Y. Fun Photo Ideas

Turn Your Photos Into Art

We’ve pretty much all come to have and love digital cameras and smart phones but there’s so much more we can do with the photos we take using those devices. Our Web Wonder Woman Jamey Ordolis shows some really fun ways to turn the photos you take into art using cools apps and websites.


Download the Halftone app for $0.99 to turn yourself and your friends into comic book heroes. Take a photo with your smartphone and use the fun filters and frames to get that comic book look, then add your own captions, speech balloons and “sound effects”.


If you’ve got lots of photos posted to Facebook or Instagram, Blurb.com, our favorite site for making custom books out of your own photos, art, recipes, etc. now has an application for creating custom photo books from Facebook (including comments and conversation) and from Instagram. We think it’s a fun thing to do once a year and very well-priced.


Turn your Instagram photos into cool coasters for your home with this online service that lets you view your Instagram library of photos and create a set of four coasters for $25 plus shipping. We think it’s a fun way to bring your artsy Instagrams into your home and a nice gift for friends too.


This site literally takes your photos and turns them into art, pop art, pencil sketches, watercolors, the art of the great masters. It’s tons of fun too. We really like the pop art panels and the pop the vote filter, in the style of the portrait of Obama by Frank Shepard Fairey during his 2008 presidential election campaign.

We also think the watercolors, which are actually hand painted by the MyDaVinci team of artists are really nice for turning your landscape/travel photos into something really special.

You can also choose from a wide variety of sizes and frames.


This site is wonderful for blowing up your photos on a budget, but we especially love their new metal prints. Printed right on the metal, photos shine, whites look like silver and gold and the final effect looks brilliant and expensive. There’s also a big range of sizes to choose from.

 Source: livewellnetwork.com 

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