Young Visionaries Of L.A.

Terrance L. Stone’s Biography
(founder/ceo @ Young Visionaries of LA)

Terrance L. Stone is Founder/President/ CEO of Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy and C.E.O. of Stone Consultants, an ex-gang member who has turned his life around and dedicated it to GOD and the recovery of our youth’s innocence. Though gang life proved fierce and, most times, even short lived Terrance was loyal t oa fault. , the consequence of this delinquent life-style was a collective 10 years of incarceration ranging from the juvenile facilities to the
state penitentiary.

With the danger of spending the remainder of his young life in prison, the thought that he’d never have an opportunity to watch his children grow and assist in their development opened his eyes to what was truly important. Today, Terrance is a loving father who has since served as Minister & Youth Leader at Worship In Truth C.O.G.I.C. Stone is today has served as a youth counselor and graduated Cal State LA for State Certified Gang Intervention Specialist, serves on Sherriff Rod Hoops I.E. Committee, Chief Kith Kilmer African American Community Leader Committee San Bernardino and Barstow Kiwanis Member, Board Member of the San Bernardino County Gangs and Drugs Task Force, Past Board Member of the African American Chamber of Commerce, and San Bernardino Chapter NAACP, picked by Mayor of San Bernardino Pat Morris to join his office on the California Cities Gang Prevention Network.

Terrance Stone is committed to steering young people away from the life that cost him much of his precious youth. In essence, Terrance is allowing his life mistakes to help others discover their personal worth and true life purpose. Stone’s change in heart, spirit and action has resulted in his reaching many
otherwise lost youth he is now CEO of Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy multiple locations
in the
Inland Empire from the High Desert to the West End of San Bernardino County, Atlanta, Arizona, Texas & Colorado continuing to grow today.
Stone’s sincere efforts have resulted in his receiving multiple awards

Mobile (909) 222-0096
Office (909) 881-3382

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